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Telos Personaltraining - Trainings, Consulting and Lean Tools Implementation
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Telos Personaltraining
Telos Personaltraining
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Firmen-Infos: Telos Personaltraining was founded 1996 by a team of instructors and trainers working a customer base of the industry, sales organizations and banks. Our Mission "We develop customer personnel to maximize their full potential to exceed customer and company expectations." This success formula has proven effective. We have trained thousands of employees, managers and workers in our field both in Europe and the U.S. and provided them with the tools to develop and build up teams that fulfill their missions. Since there is no client alike, Telos Personaltraining believes in custom tailored programs to accomplish the objectives of our clients. We carefully consider the existing base to keep and integrate what serves well adding whatever is needed to make the training a lasting accomplishment. Training materials are composed in modules that are shaped to become an integral part of the team of our client. Since our training is corporate our focus is on the needs of one customer at a time – we avoid spanning a topic to cover several fields of application. Our programs are always practical and ready to be used, supporting our clients staff with tools for the day after the training by implementing knowledge by the most advanced means of education. The training always includes exercises, is entertaining, fast moving and packed with high energy and contact with things that matter. Who are our instructors? We believe in business professionals who have successfully installed what they train in live company situations. They talk about topics they have experienced and have gone through the process of implementing winning knowledge with many customers before. Telos Personaltraining provides seminars in small group settings that range from a day to a month in length, depending on the program provided and the size of the client’s organization.



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